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Are you suffering from a discomfort or a chronic disease? Stop suffering, we can help you with natural medicine. 

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What we do?

We provide homeopathic consultations via email, phone, skype and chat. Our services are not intended to replace medical treatments but to complement them. 

Our Services

  • Homeopathic consultation 
  • Nutritional consultation 
  • Advice for supplements 
  • Advice for sport nutrition  
  • Homeopathic advice for garden 
  • Homeopathic First Aid - Course 
  • Homeopathy for Family - Course
  • Medicinal Herbs for Family - Course
  • Webinars and more!

 Certified Practitioners

We are a team of well-trained natural health care practitioners with years of experience that base our success on our clients' long-term good health.  

We believe in personalized care based on your health concerns. Read More

Hahnemann Clinic is an online consultation website that performs assessments of body systems disorders using homeopathic techniques to promote, maintain and restore health and well-being.  

Each client receives: 

* A copy of our Privacy Policy

* Confidentiality Statement

* General information about Homeopathy

* Consent Form

* Intake Form

* Individualized natural health plan

* Payment receipt through PayPal


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Natural remedies such as homeopathic medicines, herbs and supplements can produce aggravation and may interfere with medications. Avoid self-prescribing, let our expert well-trained practitioners guide you.     

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For medical emergencies dial 911 or call emergency services in your region.